Using aerial imagery for remote work

Aerial imagery technology can quickly and accurately measure distance and area or survey profile and volumes, reducing the need for site assessments

For centuries, humans have looked to the sky for inspiration, invention, and innovation. 

Now, another aeronautical technology is reshaping the way properties are monitored and managed: intelligent aerial maps. Though high resolution aerial images have existed for some time, access to this data has been difficult, platform like FastMap Workspace can task versatile drones, satellite or aircraft then build intricate 3D representations of cities, municipalities and entire nations. These innovations are changing the game for property & infrastructure developers, owners, and service professional everywhere.

From pools to paving, estimates to inspections, to sales and marketing, HD aerial maps offer a birds eye view and transform the way you complete your projects, opening up a vast new world of remote work capabilities for property services, saving valuable time and money. When it comes to the potentials of aerial imaging technology, the sky truly is the limit.

FastMap provides industry leading high definition aerial imaging solutions. Wondering how this exciting new tech can make a difference for your projects? We at FastMap have compiled this guide to using aerial imagery for streamlining and enhancing your projects. With the help of cutting-edge aerial imaging technology, you can expand your horizons further, dream bigger, and achieve more.

Accurate Estimation Every Time

Any developer knows, skillful estimation is crucial to the success of any project. Estimations that are hasty, incomplete, or inaccurate can lead to costly corrections and scheduling delays later on.  But until recently, the necessity of excellent estimations have required expensive, time-consuming, and tedious in-person visits to gather sufficiently detailed information manually.

However, modern technological innovations are changing the game when it comes to on-site estimates.  Today’s aerial imagery technology can quickly and accurately gauge height and volume, making these tools invaluable to advancing the estimation process. With remote estimation, you can anticipate costs, staffing, and material needs without ever traveling on-site.

When you cut down on the time spent on the estimating, you cut down on the overall time expenditures of your property projects. This allows you to get more estimations done in a quicker amount of time, leading to more and stronger relationships with interested clients. Remote aerial imagery can help you build a reputation as a reliable, fast, and accurate estimator.

High definition aerial images like those provided by FastMap can help you develop accurate and detailed estimations of projects from a variety of HD angles. FastMap’s global satellite imagery, bespoke aerial surveys, and HD urban imagery can render a comprehensive picture of any project’s dimensions and qualities to create optimized estimates.

Streamline the Inspection Process

When using traditional strategies for property management, the most costly expenditures are often related to inspection. Traveling to check individual projects during stages of development really adds up when considering everything from time lost, to labor costs, to paying for fuel. With aerial inspections, however, you can examine the external details of a property remotely, reducing the need for site visits and leaving you more time to focus on what matters most.

Aerial imagery is also an excellent solution to inspecting difficult-to-access areas of properties like roofs or rooftop storage tanks, antennas, and solar panels. This technology is also excellent for tackling larger projects which can be overwhelming to inspect in person like cell-towers, bridges, and barges. Wherever it would be difficult to survey and inspect with an in-person team, aerial imagery is there to save the day.

With today’s hectic schedules, it can be easy to lose track of regular inspection. However, staying up-to-date about the state of projects is essential, and missing regular inspection can cause costly or time-consuming issues in the future. That’s why at FastMap, we offer semi-annual updates so you can stay informed about the current state of properties and projects. With frequent aerial inspection updates, you will never fall behind on information about the state of your most important projects.

Expand Your Assessment Capabilities

Aerial imaging is also revolutionizing the job of assessment professionals everywhere. In an expanding industry, assessors are facing increasing demand in high-growth areas. In order to keep up in developing markets, assessment professionals need innovative solutions. That’s where HD aerial imaging can help. Whether you’re assessing for insurance purposes, damages after a natural disaster, or planning for new renovations, aerial imaging can streamline and enhance your assessment processes, allowing you to save on resources, time, and money.

Assessment professionals and property services professionals often find themselves dealing with difficult-to-access properties: some properties are hard-to-access because of  a long-distance location in a remote region. Others can be difficult-to-assess due to obstructions like towering fences or locked gates. For assessors, dealing with these inconveniences can add hours of time to an already full schedule. If you’re having trouble finding access solutions for assessing your property, then it’s time to look into aerial imaging technologies.

Aerial intelligence is bridging the access gap for hard-to-reach areas- with digital AI tech, it’s the smart way to assess. No matter the property, you can achieve fully remote assessment with a detailed HD birds eye view of your project. FastMap’s cutting-edge technology allows you to assess more properties more quickly, growing your client-base and increasing satisfaction.

Aerial Imaging For Roofing

Quality roofing is essential for any project, and the state of a roof can make or break the evaluation of any property. Because of exposure to natural elemental conditions like rain, ice, and winds, roofs are one of the most vulnerable parts of a project, and their protection requires diligence and careful attention.

Damage sustained to roofs will invariably lead to damage to the rest of the property, and regular roofing maintenance is one of the best ways you can ensure long term quality in a property. However, monitoring roof-quality can be difficult to keep up with using in-person surveying, involving time-consuming visits, labor intensive climbing, hazardous heights, and meticulous inspection. Aerial imagery provides efficient and industry-changing roofing solutions, streamlining the process of estimating, surveying, inspecting, and maintaining roofing projects.

HD aerial images can represent roofing in enhanced detail, so you can identify individual features like HVAC, access points, or points of damage. Current aerial maps allows you to identify potential points of weakness, so you can know the exact state of properties and stay one-step-ahead of any potential issues.

With the help of FastMap, you can use industry-leading aerial imagery to monitor roofing projects from every stage and at every angle. With our semi-annual updates, you can stay up-to-date on seasonal changes and potential weather hazards to your projects. FastMap’s HD aerial imaging offers year-round coverage, leaving you with peace-of-mind. That way, you can focus on streamlining your projects and expanding your vision for the future.

Aerial Imagery For Paving:

Whether you are working on a residential or a commercial paving project, aerial intelligence technology can take your efficiency to the next level. Paving projects are typically big projects, covering expansive distances. Because paved areas can be so vast, measuring these spaces with traditional means can be a drain on time and labor.

Walking around the entire perimeter of a paved space to gather measurements can be a headache, and with today’s technology, there’s no reason to take this time-consuming manual approach. When you can view a paving project with birds eye view, you can take precise measurements from the comfort of your home, your office, or even on-the-go.

Using aerial imagery can benefit any phase of any paving project.  When it comes to the estimation phase, aerial imagery revolutionizes paving estimation by allowing you to figure out things like labor cost calculations, materials needed, and estimated timetables fully remotely.

Once your project is underway, aerial intelligence technology continues to be immensely useful for workers and project managers on the ground. Sharing aerial images can create clearer and faster communication among paving team members, reducing misunderstandings and allowing projects to reach completion without delay.

Aerial imagery is also key to inspection and assessment of paving projects. Accessing urban project sites can be difficult, especially when it comes to paving. Paved projects are often large in size and in high-traffic or busy industrial areas that can be more time-consuming to inspect. High resolution aerial imagery offers solutions for inspecting and assessing paving projects in difficult-to-access areas. With a bird’s-eye-view, you can know the state of your project without navigating the inconveniences of on-the-ground access issues.

Whether you’re working on driveways, parking lots, industrial spaces, or any other large paving project, collecting aerial data combined with accurate elevation data minimizes mistakes while maximizing speed and efficiency. FastMap’s 3D imaging and mapping services use state-of-the-art technology to gather detail-rich data that supports excellence in paving quality and efficiency of project time. Cut the time wasted and the miscommunications caused by manual measurements with our industry-leading HD aerial imaging technology.

Aerial Imagery for Landscaping

When you think of landscaping, you probably don’t think of remote work. However, as pandemic conditions and new digital technologies reshape the way we see our world and the work we do in it, it’s time to rethink the way we landscape as well. As we move into the future of remote work, aerial imagery can provide game-changing remote solutions for landscapers who want to reduce on-site visits and in-person labor.

In today’s world, it’s always best to reduce in-person work as much as is possible. When it comes to landscaping, one place this can be done is with the measurement process. On-the-ground measurement is no longer the necessity it once was. With HD aerial imagery, you can gather accurate measurement data for estimation and assessment, cutting out the initial site visit and expediting communication with your clients.

Aerial and elevation data can provide you with visual detail beyond just measurements. For instance, you can inspect grass and foliage for color and health. FastMap’s semi-annual updates will keep you informed about which plants are green and thriving, and what plants are discolored or damaged. With this valuable info, you can know what properties need extra maintenance without wasting any time on unnecessary inspection. HD aerial technology also allows you to zoom in and out on images to check smaller landscaping details and individual features. With the vibrant HD detail provided by FastMap’s aerial imaging services, remote landscaping is expanding into new horizons of digital possibility.

To estimate and plan landscape projects smarter, safer, and faster in the future, get started with FastMap’s HD aerial intelligence tech.

Aerial Imagery For Pool Installation

As more and more public spaces remain closed under pandemic conditions, people everywhere are looking for ways to build more opportunities for fun and joy into their own homes, creating a surge in popularity of residential pool installations. But whether you’re building pools for commercial or residential clients, the new normal of socially distanced life creates unforeseen hurdles to installing and maintaining swimming pools. Luckily, some of those hurdles can be overcome with the help of aerial imaging technology.

In the business of pool installation, surveying and prospecting sites for potential clients can take up valuable time and resources. To bring your pool installation process up-to-speed with today’s fast paced digital world, aerial intelligence can be a lifesaver. Aerial intelligence data can create a complete picture of a prospective pool space before installation ever begins, allowing you to know the space you’re working with before you have ever set foot on the property.  Faster surveying means better communication with clients. And better communication with clients means strong and reliable relationships with those clients, protecting your reputation and setting you up for future growth.

With HD aerial imaging services like those offered at FastMap, you can have an edge above your competition as we move into the new future of pool installation.

Aerial Imagery for Fence Installation

Good fences make good neighbors, but fencing projects can be some of the most time-consuming and resource-exhausting work in property management. Installing and maintaining quality fencing means careful measurements and meticulous inspection. Thankfully, aerial imaging can help

Aerial imaging makes large-scale surveying a breeze. For estimating long-distance fencing projects, this surveying solution is absolutely unbeatable for gathering fast and accurate measurements of distance and elevation. If you have large-scale fencing needs, then there is no easier way to gather precise data about your property while avoiding on-site visits.

Inspecting fences for damage can be an arduous process. The costs of fuel and labor required to conduct in-person fencing inspections can really add up for property managers. Luckily, today’s high-quality aerial imaging technology can take the place of many of these in-person inspections, allowing users to remotely pin-point areas of potential weaknesses in fences that can later be checked out in-person. That way, you can make sure that you only expend in-person resources and labor where it is absolutely necessary.

The Bottom Line About HD Aerial Imagery

The world is changing- fast. That’s why we at FastMap are focused on fast solutions. To find fast solutions, you need to think outside of the box- why stay grounded when the sky’s the limit?

If you’re ready to take your property services to the next-level, then it’s time to look to the skies. HD Aerial Imaging opens up a whole new world of remote property management possibilities. Whatever your project, book a consultation with FastMap today and see what opportunities our aerial intelligence and remote site visit solutions can create for you.

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